Wednesday, May 2, 2007


This coming June 2007, all the cadastre works carried out Licensed Land Surveyor in Peninsular Malaysia are compulsory to submit in digital format. There are 16 files and 3 additional files to be submitted. Hardcopy is no allowable.

The concept is toward CCS (Cadaster Coordinate System). Can it be implemented? This is an hot issued at the moment.

The question is can we represent our boundary by coordinate. If we refer back to KTN (National Land Code 1965), under section 396. Method of cadaster survey.

396(a) Boundary is defined by hak garisan (border line)

396(b) Plant boundary mark on ground

396 (c) compute area

396 (d) Chief Surveyor issue a lot no

396 (e) Record all the measurement and do computation in JK form and produce certify Plan (PA) where state the boundary, lot no, area, type of boundaries, mukim, daerah and etc.

Thus, are we going to amend this section?


Scott said...

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keMc2811 said...

According to ur article wednesday, may 2, 2007 on ccs, i think the Sek396 of NLC no need to be amend because if we define the garisan hak by a 2 point of coordinate, we also can get a bearing n distance by compute the 2 coordinates. then it should not be any problem with this CCS. now the survey department is upgrading the ccs by doing the cci project done by a LS to make all the coordinates in malaysia just using only 1 origin.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this CCS has no legal standing yet.
As I see it the Cadastral Database (PDUK) needs to be legalized first, meaning that it should contain every legal document of title issued by the Land Office.
As far as I know no audit was carried out to verify this.
I am very sure that there could be Lots (land parcels) missing in the PDUK but there must be a guarantee to land title holders that the PDUK has zero defect and this will involve checking in both the Land Office and JUPEM (time and money).
In this respect whether or not it is legal for CCS to replace the present system of cadastral data management should come later.

My 2 cents worth.