Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Casio Programmable calculator

Casio programmable calculator FX-603P is a powerful calculator among the surveyor but unfortunately this product is hardly to find at the moment.

Recently, I try to enter program into this calsulator and face a problem to enter "FIX". Luckily, my trainee found it. Press

  1. "shift"
  2. "RDN"
  3. "RAN"
  4. then it will turn to "FIX"


Anonymous said...

Firstly i want to introduce my self as a friend also as a surveyor....But my destination is far right now....I'm in oversea ( Trinidad And Tobago )....Since i look at your blog i interested to take some knowledge as a surveyor from your self....

However, i just need some of your maybe suggestion about two matter above, because since i came here i try to search also find some where surveying shop here but i dont meet any same kind of calculator especially FX603P...If you still have i think i need to buy from you....If you have larrrr.....

And then did you have any place that sale a second hand Total Station ( SOKKIA ) product...Anyway i hope you can help me to solve this matter...Thanks

Best Regards,
Mohamad Nasir B Tonny
Sunway Construction Caribbean Limited
#29,Cornelio Street
WoodBrook,Port Of Spain
Trinidad And Tobago

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

i came accross your blog abt this casio fx-603p calculator. I m really interested to hv one for work purpose, could you kindly let me know if you still hv this calculator or in case you knw where to find it ?

thank you so much


awaiting for your reply at Jennylena7811@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...


Where can I buy the Casio FX-603P calculator in Malaysia?Your great help is much appreciated.Thanks.


BS Recamunda said...


I'm Bert Recamunda from the Philippines. I've been programming casio models since 1984. Casio 603P one of the best models casio has produced is no longer in the market.

I have developed however new survey programs for Casio Fx9860G SD. If you are interested you may email me at bigshots1995@yahoo.com

It's been a hit here in the Philippines for surveyors who have been looking for alternatives to casio 603 and 880P.

Bert Recamunda

jith said...

Where can I buy the Casio FX-603P calculator in singapore?Your great help is much appreciated.Thanks.

nasir said...

my friend at kedah wanted to buy calculator fx603p..please help us where we can buy this item.
10 months ago i bought calculator fx-7400g plus with the insight programme..but now suddenly all the programme are missing..plese advise me where i can get back to reinstall the programme..we appreciated your advice..thank you

lkc_lai said...

Dear Mr. Nasir,

Regarding the FX603P....very sorry I could not help you...hard to find in market.

FX-7400g survey missing? I still to ask my friends.

Sorry for the inconvenient.

Happy new year to u.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys !
I am from Slovakia (center of Europe) and I have one CASIO FX-603P for sale. If anybody want to buy it, so send me a mail to akoinac@post.sk for more information.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I have this calculator FX-603P with the manual. If you are interested in buying let me know by contacting me by email at on2him@optusnet.com.au

Anonymous said...

hi. where can i repair fx-7400g plus? cant EXE the program n operation..

lkc_lai said...

Sorry my dear, I can't help u much because for a few years I did not use calculator for my survey work. Perhaps you should contact the dealer....where u from?

mykj2207 said...


I still have 1 units Casio Fx603P,Good Condition, No scratch, almost like new. Seldom use.

Interested please email at kj2207@streamyx.com Item location MALAYSIA.

Thank you.

lkc_lai said...

Noted and thank you dear mykj2207