Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vertical Exaggeration

According to homepage "Introduction to Topograpgic maps" by Jim Riesterer. The vertical exaggeration is described as below:-

"Vertical exaggeration simply means that your vertical scale is larger than your horizontal scale (in the example you could use one inch is equal to 1000 ft. for your vertical scale, while keeping the horizontal scale the same). Vertical exaggeration is often used if you want to discern subtle topographic features or if the profile covers a large horizontal distance (miles) relative to the relief (feet)."

I have extracted the profile data from CAD and process the data in CDS. The profile chart is successfully plotted out as attached diagram.

Thus, I need to check whether the software is correctly plot the profile.

FormulaIf the vertical scale is one 1=150 and the horizontal scale is 1=5000, the vertical exaggeration is 2x (5000/150) =66.67.

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