Thursday, December 11, 2008

Calculator Program CASIO fx-5800P

I just received an email from En. Soffian from Ipoh. He is selling above mentioned calculator with a price of RM600 per unit.

The calculator including

- Traverse - Radiation
- Solar - Area
- Resection - Curve
- Offset - Bench Marks
- Tranform - Spiral
- Inverse - Road Secant
- and etc.

Please kindly contact him H/P : 019-408 7011 for further information or by this email


yeoh ok said...

Hi, when i press "MODE" in my fx-5800P calculator, why the normal screen like this 1:COMP 2:BASE-N 3:SD 4:RE and etc... not showing on the screen? And, when i press arrow down, it's showing previouse my running programe's answer. I can't goto the second page to do my programme transfer. Please help me. Thanks.

lkc_lai said...

sorry....I can't help u...please refer to Mr. Soffian.

UGL said...


Is there a way we can comment on things that have not yet specifically been in a blog post?

I wonder if you or your readers would be at all interested in free land surveying software for Windows, PalmOS, and PocketPC?

I apologize if this is inappropriate.

lkc_lai said...

Dear Mr. UGL,

Thank you for visiting my blog.

What you means "Is there a way we can comment on things that have not yet specifically been in a blog post?"

Free software in PalmOS? yes....I a have one and would like more survey software on my palm.

UGL said...

I was wondering how to start a new discussion or maybe just contact you so you might start a discussion.

(I have since discovered your email address.)

The free software, Copan, i referred to is close to, but not on, the topic of a Casio program.

lkc_lai said...

Dear UGL,

New discussion? is my pleasure. I like to heard from you.

Anyway...wish u happy new year 2009 first before I on leave start on 1 Jan 2009 and will be back by 5th Jan 2009.

thaw said...

i am at singapore.any body want any special
program with fx5800 example ellip parabola hypabol etc.what is your requirement with program.each program $ 100 ph no

thaw said...

any body want any special program example ellipse hypabola parabola etc.what is your requirement.each program $ no

surveyor2u said...

Programmable Calculator Casio FX-5800P For Surveyor. RM450 ONLY!! preloaded land survey programme