Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vertical Exaggeration

According to homepage "Introduction to Topograpgic maps" by Jim Riesterer. The vertical exaggeration is described as below:-

"Vertical exaggeration simply means that your vertical scale is larger than your horizontal scale (in the example you could use one inch is equal to 1000 ft. for your vertical scale, while keeping the horizontal scale the same). Vertical exaggeration is often used if you want to discern subtle topographic features or if the profile covers a large horizontal distance (miles) relative to the relief (feet)."

I have extracted the profile data from CAD and process the data in CDS. The profile chart is successfully plotted out as attached diagram.

Thus, I need to check whether the software is correctly plot the profile.

FormulaIf the vertical scale is one 1=150 and the horizontal scale is 1=5000, the vertical exaggeration is 2x (5000/150) =66.67.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Party wall Plan

This is one of the party wall plan example.

Party wall survey

Basically, this survey like normal cadastral survey where we need datum to ensure our survey is correctly done.

Please bear in mind that the building or wall is existing on the ground and as a licensed land surveyor, we need to justified our datum before you can say your survey is right.

This survey usually is very critical and sensitive issue because the land owner (the resident) will query you if your party wall mark is not fall of center of wall. How you are going to answer?

Thus, this survey is a bit time consuming where we need to take as-built to do the justification in office before we can start plant the boundary marks on the ground. Total station with laser plays an important role to assist us to complete such as-built survey. Normally, seldom people will allow you to go inside their house compound especially lady. So, with the laser technology, we are able to pick out all the building details especially the party wall portion.

Thickness of the party wall is vital in determination of party wall and this value also will appeal in certified plan.
Are we going to plant the boundary marks on the party wall?

I would like to say “No” because you will damage their property (wall) by plant nail or etc. Usually, reference marks will plant to enable the owner where is the boundary located. This is one of my case where the house owner very annoy where the surveyor plant the nail on his wall and worse part is the surveyor circle the nail with red paint. Can you imaging how his wall looks like.

The reference mark will not show in certified plan. However, the actual boundary mark where we can not plant will put as “TT” means no marks.

Party wall Definition

Party wall survey is carried out for Cross Easement of Support under section 286(1) National Land Code (NLC) 1965.

Section 286(1) sounds as below:-

“The grant of any easement under this chapter shall be effected by an instrument in form 17A or, in the case of the grant by adjacent proprietors of cross easements of support in respect of any party wall, by an instrument in Form 17B; and the easement shall come into existence on the date on which the instrument is registered.”

In Malay:

“Pemberian mana-mana kemudahan di bawah Bab ini hendaklah dilaksanakan dengan suatu suratcara dalam Borang 17A, atau, dalam hal pemberian oleh pemilik-pemilik yang berhampiran kemudahan-balas sokongan bagi mana-mana tembok-pihak, dengan suatu suratcara dalam Borang 17B; dan kemudahan terse but hendaklah diadakan pada tarikh suratcara terse but didaftarkan”

The boundary of party wall is fall right on the wall between two owners and this is why licensed land surveyor comes to picture.

After that, Director of Survey will certify the plan under section 285(3) NLC 1965 before issue cross easement of support.

Section 285(3) stated as below:-

“No cross-easements of support in respect of a party wall may be granted by adjacent proprietors except in respect of a wall which stands on their common boundary and is certified by Director of Survey to do so.”

In Malay

“Tiada kemudahan balas sokongan bagi sebuah tembok-pihak boleh diberikan oleh pemilik-pemilik yang berhampiran kecuali bagi sebuah tembok yang terdiri di atas sempadan mereka yang sama dan diakui oleh Pengarah Ukur untuk berbuat demikian”

What is easement? Please kindly see section 282 (part seventeen).

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Level sheet format in CDS

Before we process the data in level sheet. It is better is save a backup raw data (level sheet file) because sometime error in processing or additional data occur.

The raw data is lvish1.(file name).


Land system in Peninsular Malaysia

One of my planter friends calls me regarding his land title status last weeks ago. He is wondering either his plantation lands are final title or qualify title (QT). This issue becomes a hot topic because there are a few pieces of land in this company still in QT status since nearly 50 years ago.

Can this problem happen in Torrens System?

Torrens system is adopted in Peninsular Malaysia because this system has three vital principals:-

1. All the title issued under National Land Code (NLC) are protected and guaranteed by rule government as stated in National Land Code section 92 & 340.

2. Land trading is easily done without carry out complicated search (involve time & money)

3. Cost saving in any transaction of land.

In Torrens system, we are able to view all the important facts such as first owner name, lot number, area of the lot, location of the lot, boundary of the lot and the important is who is the last owner for this title or the owner whom has borrowed money from Bank. This statement also will appeal for the Bank right.

This is the advantage of Torrens system. No hidden fact. However, this efficient system cannot work if these two main departments do not cooperate and do their own duty.

Land department and Survey department are two important entities to make the Torrens system carried out smoothly.

Land department involve of registration of title. They should do it fast and accurately and e-tanah implementation is an intelligent innovation by utilize IT technology.

Once the registration of QT completed after issue PT number, Survey department (including Licensed Land Surveyor) need to carry out the survey as soon as possible to produce certified plan before submit back to Land office for FT registration. This is a time consuming stages where involve of human activity, weather changes and ground condition. There are many efforts including F2F system to speed these stages.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Soil selling-What is yard?

This is one of client-Mr. Tay, looks old but still strong to climb his hilly landed property with me last 2 years old.

He looks simple but to me he is an intelligent business man. He know how to utilise profesional to assist him to earn more money for him.

Yesterday he call me again and ask some conversion matter.

When they sell soil, this old folk is using lorry capasity as his basis. One lorry has how many sq yards? 5 yards for normal lorry.

What is yard? I also do not know what is yard initially because this chinese man using difference term. He call it as 'ma' in chinese.

Yard is non metric and usually use by layman like Mr. Tay.

One cubic yard is 3ft x 3 ft x 3ft

In linear conversion-1 yard = 0.9144 mIn area conversion -1 sq yard = 0.8361 sq m

As a surveyor, we need to know all sort of conversion to suit of client demand.TQ.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Distance in 3 dimension projection

Above data is estract from cad where it show 2 distances from 2 lines but the data are in 3 dimension (x,y & z).
We need to be careful when to jot down the horizontal distance value. If you see above data, there are 2 difference distance value .
First is 15.202 and second is 5.157. Which one to pick?
Please bear in mind, survey plan is adopting horizontal distance then we need to see "angle from plane xy" must 90 degree or Z value should zero.
Do not make mistake like me.....:( I have picked the wrong value.....

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Face this problem before when you are trying to import acsii data into cds. if you are facing above problem, please kindly short the name for the file including the folder (info from CDS).

Baseline in land survey

Basically, baseline is used in refixation in cadastral survey.

The concept of this topic is saying that PO (old value from certified plan) and New (new survey data) are in position. Subsequently, adjust PO to new (the term surveyor used is PO adjusted) and refix the missing marks.

Please bear in mind that, baseline is part of our cadastral survey datum either 3 proved marks or 2 proved marks with astronomic azimuth or GPS.

When we are proving that PO and new are in position and usually seldom there is perfect value in survey due to accuracy being achieved by individual surveyor. This is saying that if a lot survey for a few times, the accuracy may be vary but must above first class (1 : 8000).

The following steps is orientation and scaling in PO value. Lets us see the comparison between total new & PO value, there must be difference in bearing and distance (example -30" in bearing & 0.004m in distance). The -30" is orientation which we need to apply every line in PO value and 0.004m is misclose of old and new.

Scaling is by multiply (Total new distance/Total old distance) x particular old distance, then you will get adjusted distance

Why we need to do orientation & scaling?

In baseline defination, PO adjusted and new should be matched each other to enable surveyor to refix. There should not have any gap in between.

2 vital keys word in baseline -Orientation & scaling. Tq.

Friday, October 17, 2008

USE CDS 2002 to import data

Please kindly use CDS version 1.07 to import data in x,y,z format.

If your data in excel, please kindly convert into txt format and before you import the x,y & z data, we need to insert the point number as above.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Information in certified plan

Refer to JUPEM circular3/2003, there are 2 main category information

1. Information in graphic
2. Information in test

Information in graphic

1. Type of boundary mark
Ÿ Boundary mark must in circle form.
Ÿ Number boundary mark must show beside the boundary mark
Ÿ BKL & BKB in circle form without darken
Ÿ PL & PB in circle form without darken but alphabet “P” beside the circle.
Ÿ PkB & pkL in circle form and need to darken. Alphabet “pk” beside the circle.

2. Bearing & distance
Ÿ Bearing & distance for the boundary need to follow clockwise.
Ÿ Bearing in nearest 10”
Ÿ Distance in nearest 0.001m

3. Number lot

4. Area for the lot based from JK

5. Connection line need to show in dash line

6. Abuttal, number lot & PA for neighbor lot

7. Details (such as road, river, encroach building & etc)

8. Management boundary such as state border, district border, mukim border, jungle border & Malay reserve border.

9. Coordinate need to show at extreme of the lot (east/west or North/south).

10. Interval coordinate grid either 10m or 100m depend on the scale. The value only show on right and bottom of the frame.

11. Information there cannot show due to limited space. Utilize of enlargement & insert (with or without scale)

Information in test

1. North point

2. Title information
Ÿ State name
Ÿ District name
Ÿ Mukim/town name
Ÿ Seksyen number
Ÿ Lot number (new lot)
Ÿ Scale
Ÿ Previous lot number & PA number for subdivision case
Ÿ Note

3. Survey fail number

4. Land office fail number

5. Standard sheet number

6. JK and page number

7. Number PA

Note: Field book number do not show in F2F system.

Format Certified Plan for A3

Certified plan divided into 3 types.

Format A-Rectangle shape (graphic area)
Format B-Horizontal shape (graphic area)
Format C-Vertical shape (graphic area)

Refer to JUPEM circular 6/1998. The criteria is as below

Format A

1. Minimum margin (up&down / left&right) : 13.5mm / 15mm
2. Space for test : 80mm x 270mm
3. Space for graphic : 270mm x 310 mm

Format B

1. Minimum margin (up&down / left&right) : 15mm / 13.5mm
2. Space for test : 390mm x 80mm
3. Space for graphic : 390mm x 190 mm

Format C

1. Minimum margin (up&down / left&right) : 13.5mm / 15mm
2. Space for test : 80mm x 390mm
3. Space for graphic : 190mm x 390 mm

Size of A3 is 297mm x 420mm.

Scale for Certified Plan

Couple of days ago, boss asked to check one of certified plan before submit to JUPEM. I noticed that the scale is 1: 600. This is an unusual scale in certified plan preparation.

According to JUPEM circular 4/1978, JUPEM has divided the scale into 2 categories. There are rural lot and urban lot.

Scale for urban lot is as below:-

1 : 200
1 : 500
1 : 750
1 : 1000
1 : 2000
1 : 5000

While scale for rural lot is as below:-

1 : 1000
1 : 2000
1 : 5000
1 : 7500
1 : 10000

Even though in this circular also stated that special scale can used if the condition cannot avoided.

This surveyor insists that now we are using F2F system and we are no issue hardcopy certified plan. All the certified plan are in tiff format and he claim that scale do not necessary to follow above circular. Thus, we ring out the JUPEM and find out that why JUPEM want to follow the recommended scale is mainly because if there is any minor mistake, JUPEM can able to amend without sending back to licensed land surveyor. If the plan is no follow, the recommended scale then the licensed land surveyor needs to correct the plan.

Can datum declare twice in one job?

This cadastral survey involves of combination GPS and total station.

The objective of this cadastral survey is to issue a title for a small island where this island is far away from connection lot.

We have started the survey on the island itself by using GPS & sun azimuth. How we do it? We pegged two stations (more than 30 meters) and read the handheld GPS reading. Longitude & latitude from GPS enable us to compute the position of the station and subsequently we are able to obtain sun azimuth. Lately, this sun observation station has been change into GPS control by using iron pipe.

After completed the boundary marks planting, we shifted to main land where there are land being issued title. We found the two boundary marks and prove these marks in position with sun azimuth.

Therefore, the question is can datum declare twice in a job? I have declared one datum in the island by saying “A” station to “B” station is by datum from Sun.

How about in mainland? If follow logistic, we should declared once again.

Highly appreciated to the senior & experience surveyor can advise and share your opinion in this case.

Thank you.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

On line mark

This is an online mark querry from JUPEM.

A is BKL
B & C are new boundaries mark (online mark)
D is previous old boundary mark where I do not refix and just put as abutal.

B & C are planted by offset method because unvisible from A-D.

I ignore the D because it is no part of the new lot. However, according to JUPEM, we need to refix back the D point as JUPEM pekeliling. Anybody aware this pekeliling?

How to compute slope distance from horizontal distance & vertical angle

1. The formula is cos (angle) = HD/SD
2. Then, SD = HD/cos (angle)
3. SD = slope distance
4. HD = Horizontal distance
5. angle = slope angle
Please take note that vertical angle is 90 degree when it is horizontal, up is less than 90 degree.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Utilize cad software in subdivision proposal plan

Cad software becomes an important tool in land surveying because this software enable a surveyor to view the data in graphic rather than numeric format.

In fact, CAD is a graphic database where it converts survey dataset which is usually in numeric format (bearing, distance or coordinate).

Traditionally, land surveyor used to do subdivision plan by manual method (program calculator). This method involve of time consuming and sometime cause error in computation.

The invention of CAD where initially for engineering use has been improved the land surveying professional quality.

What surveyor intention in subdivision propose plan to get the portion which is going to split evenly.

Brief on prepare subdivision plan by cad

1. Key in the interest lot by using bearing and distance or coordinate method.
2. Check the previous survey accuracy (should be minimum in second class 1 : 4000, if the previous survey is less that second class then a upgrade survey need to carry out to improve the accuracy)
3. There is no perfect survey and usually there is a gap (we call it as disclose error). The error may be in 10mm, 1 foot or more and just ignore it.
4. Say the interest lot is 3 acres and need to split into 2 pieces. Thus, each portion must be 1.5 acres each.
5. Use command line to draw a line center of the lot but ensure the line must snap to existing boundary line. Suggestion is to use snap command and choose “nearest” option. By this option, the line wills automatic looks for nearest line and attached on the line. This simple step cannot ignore where it will cause difference in area.
6. The following step is use pline command and joins all the end boundary line of the subdivision lot.
7. After this, use command “Area” and you can see this command “Entity/Add/Substract/”. Choose “Entity” and select the polygon where you created by pline command.
8. The area is will display in screen. Adjust accordingly the centerline until you get equal portion.
9. The work is no complete if you do not check the accuracy of the propose lot. Please bear in mind that the propose lot should have high accuracy where it should more than first class category (1 : 8,000).

Patcher for Precomp 3.1.4

Lastly, I felt tired to detect the error and call map info-Miss Vee.
The data do not have error, the problem is from the precomp program. Miss Vee say install the patch then it should be OK. Try tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Featurization in precomp

This is the lot I mentioned on yesterday. I have been using Pline to close the loop but it still appear yesterday error "enclosed cad problem".
Thus, I split this lot into 4 pieces to check the error. However, there is no error at all. This program really crack my head. Anybody face this problem before, please kindly share with me. Thank you.

E-submit still available

This morning JUPEM negeri sembilan querry one of my job in e-submit. Initially, I through that I need to redo by F2F method and cause money & time. Luckily, the officer, Mr. Hassan told me that the e-submit still available. Thank you. However, this application will be expiry on 15 October 2008.
No more extention from JUPEM?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Why can't generate ACSII from precomp3?

This job only involve of 2 lots but after featurize, there is no object appear. Finally, I try the big lot and notice that there is "enclose cad problem" problem after featurize.

I am using script file to run the lot and still have gap? Maybe I need to close the loop.

Where is copy & paste buttom in precomp3?

After took leave from raya, this is my second day working and notice my staff is facing generate ACSII file from precomp mapinfo software.
They could not find the "copy" & "paste" buttom in precomp and cause me to search for them. Finally I realise that the icon are hidden and select from tool option under "SKLCad".