Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Form LJT 14A –claim fee from LJT

Boss asked me what form to be filled by the developer or owner after we completed the survey. I did not have any idea regarding this matter. Usually after we completed the survey, we only show the boundaries to the developer or owner but most the time did not carry out this action.

I searched in the Licensed Land Surveyors Act 1958 (Act 458) and fail to find this form. Finally we called to LJT and realized that this form is under LJT circular 1/2006. Please kindly read the attached circular from LJT.

Below is claim fee form.

ljtbil1-2006_borang 14A-

There are three main content in form LJT 14A

1) The details of the lot, surveyed by the assistant licensed land surveyor and the date of completed survey.
2) The owner agree with the boundaries planted on the ground
3) The owner needs to look after the planted boundaries.

Borang 14A

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