Thursday, June 18, 2009

Laser measure

One of our architects want to know the height of hall. Normally, land surveyor will use total station to determine the height by taking difference height on the floor to heigher ceiling either by pole method or the latest total station equipped with laser technology.

Total GPT 3000W has this advantage where this instrument able to give the reading without using any prizam. However, there is another tool where it more easy to use by a layman and also provide high accuracy as total station.

This instrument is calling as laser measurement tape and it can measure the distance by press the buttom and distance will display on the screen. This tool only need 4 AA batteries to operate. More details please see at This model is no available at the market but there are many brand such as Bosch DLR165 also have same capabilty with this tool.

Please take note that a comparison between total station and laser measurement has been carryied out to determine to accuracy and the difference only 2cm. Quite high accurate.

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