Sunday, May 31, 2009

Convert your land into Google Earth

Good news for land owner in Peninsular Malaysia. Melakasurveyor is providing a small service to convert your land into Google Earth.

Some my clients ask me why they need this service. Usually land owner will spent some money to find out where is their land boundary either by licensed land surveyor or freelance surveyor. The main interest is to know where the actual boundary mark on the ground is. Some surveyor provides hardcopy and digital to their client but the digital is in cad format where the client usually does not know how to open it. Then the digital data is not fully utilized or wasted.

What is Google Earth? Google Earth is an invention by Google to enable the internet user to view the map with database such as road, building and etc. There are many facilities in Google Earth and the most important this program is free without any charges from Google.

When we provide the lot in Google Earth, the owner can view their land and the surrounding environment. It is a powerful tool where the land owner can design or do many things in the Google Earth.

This is a real story from one of my friends, he is a land broker and he told me that even he has the title in hand but it is difficult to identity the land location. Sometime the seller or broker can describe their land in wonderful condition but when the trading complete, the buyer just noticed that the piece of land was no the pointed position. It is a bad experience for the buyer including to my friend. This is why this service is important because the cost involve is cheaper than hire a land surveyor the survey the whole lot.

Charge for rural area are as below

below 5 acres per lot = RM 25 (minimum charge)
5 – 10 acres per lot = RM 40
10 – 20 acres per lot = RM 60
20 – 30 acres per lot = RM 80
above 30 acres please kindly email me for further discussion.

Charge for urban area is as below

Minimum charge is RM 50 per lot.


Communication is part of surveyor life either to public, customer, employer or employee.

What is communication?

To exchange of information between people, e.g. by means of speaking, writing, or using a common system of signs or behaviour.

Why I write this article? I noticed that if the survey team does not have communication then the survey really can not work.

Why the survey can not work? Surveying is a team work, there is no people can say he is the best in the team. All the people in the team have their function and duty. In survey, it is tough you are alone. The survey can be carried out but it really slow and wasting time. I tested before when my boy refused to work on hilly area in Negeri Sembilan. We as a professional land surveyor must keep to the word so that the client respects us when we are in difficulty. The client provides me 2 labors to assist me to carry the survey instrument and me really thankful to this client. I need to walk up and down and I only can survey about 200m per day, it is really tired especially in hilly area. However, it is good experience in my survey life and I will never forget this incident.

Back to the communication topic, my team usually has 2 person myself and my assistant.

If we do not talk or communication between ourselves then there is no “frequency”. For example, when we reach to new site, both of us must search for the boundary marks. I can not sit at one site and tell my assistant to search for it. Then it will waste time. Subsequently, my assistant will set the station for me to observe when 2 marks found. It is something like flow chart. Do this and follow by next step and so on. How this can run in smoothly. It is easy. Talk and discuss while we are driving. This is how we improve from mistake. We can not deny that we can not do mistake. The moment we did mistake and we must know how to avoid in future or improve it.

Sometime, our walkie-talkie out of order then we needs to use ancient style-hand. Hand communication is another skill for a land surveyor. There are many symbol and style in hand communication. No all the people can understand when we show this and that by hand.

This is the great of communication. The more you communicate the more you improve yourself.

The Engineer

Recently, one of my customers came to us and requested us to do details survey for his lot and the drainage flow system as required by his engineer.

This was a common job for a surveyor. The main purpose of this survey was highlighting the ground level on the lot and invert level for the drainage system until to the main drain.

As usual the engineer requested the digital data and hardcopy and we as land surveyor will charge according to the need.

The Engineer immediately rejected our data and told the client that our survey was wrong because the drain water could not flow to the main drain when he compared with JPS data. My boss immediately asked me to check the data and re-checked the height for the station from bench mark. I personal did the survey and saw the water flowed as shown in the plan and how the engineer could state that the survey was wrong.

After I re-check the height from bench mark and noticed that the error was from JPS data. I immediately contact the client and told him the fact. On the spot, the client contracted his engineer and wanted me to tell his the error. I asked the Engineer to check the data with JPS department. He claimed that he could not because he got the data without permission. What he try to tell us? Did he aware want him doing? This is why nowadays; many people claimed that the “Qualify” professional is getting less and less. This professional people do not know their function/ duty and claimed that they can settle the entire problem. Is this Malaysian attitude?

Thursday, May 21, 2009


This time I really sick and today I already took three days rest in the house. It happened on 2 weeks ago, I started cough and it was a normal illness during this heat weather.
I just took the medicine from government clinic and continue my surveyor’ life as my routine job. The cough seems to be better than previously and I overlook my body anti-body.
The incident happened on last Thursdays where I did a small detail survey in town area. The moment I started the survey and I kept on coughing without stop. Even through my assistant was coughing but no serious like me. Nearly every station, I was coughing until the owner asked me to rest. We did not stop and continue until completed the survey.
My lung was badly “hit” by cough virus and on the night itself, I can felt that my anti-body was too weak to fight with this VIRUS. Finally, I fail in this fighting and cause me in fever and serious coughing during mid night even I took the medicine. The following day I woke up early due to coughing and did some computation on yesterday works. My mind kept on telling me that “Melakasurveyor, you still can work.” Thus, I follow my instinct and continue yesterday work. The weather was heat during the day but we managed to complete the whole survey before noon.
Unfortunately, I listen to my instinct and ignore the significant signal given to me-cough and I finally “collapse” the whole weekend until today.
During this sick period, suddenly there are many jobs in and I could not do it. My wife told me that health is more important than wealth at this moment, just let other people earn the money and perhaps there will be “Big fish” in future. There is no point earning that money with this unstable condition and moreover it is bad to the health. It is true and recently there are many diseases occur in the world like H1N1, the victim over look the disease and end with death.
I think the God want me to take a rest after a long journey of working since February and the period allows me to accompany my family and review my Melakasurveyor journey.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lost in Estate

It happened on yesterday when I wanted to check one of the surveyor's cadastral work in Gemencheh at Negeri Sembilan. The location of this 3 acres lot was surrounded by oil palm estates and cause us to seach for the access around this area. Even through we have GPS but our vehicle could not access and finally need to contact the owner for the actual access.
We reached the site by 11 o'clock with the GPS and TSM system. The site was really steep and we walked around to search the boundaries marks planted by the surveyor. The lot is small and the exhausted part was walking on steep road with my "unrecoverable" condition. After an hour walking, I made a decision to continue on the following day.
We (Rasidi and me) were too confident and drove the Pajero. Nearly 40 minutes, we still in the estate compound and could not find the way out. My boss called and asked where we were. I told him that we lost in estate....hahaha...surveyor lost in estate. It is no a joke, we are really lost in estate and there are no people we can refer to.
Finally, I opened the TSM with GPS and noticed that we were behind the lot. Funny, we drove to the south direction and we could end with the north part of the lot.
From this experince, I noticed that even you have GPS system, compass play an important role to direct you to actual direction. Initial, I just guild with GPS system and cause us made unneccesary driving. Estate road only one way and diffficult to reverse and the only solution is just keep driving and look for the access.
By 2 o'clock, we successfully out of this estate due to overlook of a junction in the estate and cause us to round the whole estate. Bad experience.
In future, before I go in this remote area. It is better for me to mark on the ground or take the GPS reading before I end out with this embrassing experince.

Land law 2004

Question 10

A housing development company has constructed condominium A and B in one lot in Putrajaya. A land acquisition for drain has separated the two condominiums into two lots. All the recreational facilities for the two condominiums lien in condominium A. The developer has applied for Strata Titles for the two condominiums but was rejected.

Discuss the grounds for rejection and explain the actions that need to be taken to enable the two condominiums be issued with Strata Titles.

Soalan 10

Sebuah syarikat pemaju perumahan telah membina pangsapuri A dan B dlam satu lot tanah di Putrajaya. Satu pengambilan untuk parit telah memisahkan kedua pangsapuri berkenaan kepada 2 lot. Semua kemudahan rekreasi bagi kedua pangsapuri berkenaan terletak di pangsapuri A. Pemaju berkenaan telah memohon untuk mendapatkan Hakmilik Strata bagi kedua pangsapuri tersebut tetapi telah ditolak.

Bincangkan sebab-sebab penolakan dan jelaskan tindakan yang perlu dilakukan bagi membolehkan kedua pangsapuri tersebut mendapatkan Hakmilik Strata.

Laws and Regulations 2004

Question 9

The introduction of the “F2F” or “Field to Finish” survey concept by the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia and the success of its implementation, among others, require the participation and total commitment of Licensed Land Surveyors in their conduct of title surveys.

Explain the gist of the concept and discuss in detail how the implementation of this concept can help to expedite the land surveying process and ultimately the issue of Final Title.

Soalan 9

Pengenalan konsep ukur “F2F” atau “Field to Finish” oleh Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan Malaysia dan kejayaannya dari segi implimentasi, antara lain, memerlukan penyertaan dan komitmen sepenuhnya daripada Juruukur Tanah Berlesen (JTB) dalam menjalankan ukur hakmilik.

Terangkan intipati konep berkenaan dan bincangkan dengan terperinci bagaimana perlaksanaan konsep ini boleh membantu mempercepatkan proses ukuran dan seterusnya pengeluaran Hakmilik Kekal.

Laws and Regulations 2004

Question 8

a) The Land Acquisition Act 1960 allows the State Authority to acquire land for certain purpose.

What are the purposes mentioned in the Act?

b) What are the actions that should be taken by a Land Administrator according to the provision of Section 25 of the above Act if only a portion of a lot is acquired?

Soalan 8

a) Akta Pengambilan Tanah 1960 membolehkan Pihak Berkuasa Negeri mengambil balik tanah untuk tujuan tertentu.
b) Apakah tindakan yang perlu diambil oleh Pentadbir Tanah, sepertimana yang diperuntukkan oleh seksyen 25 Akta tersebut di atas jika hanya sebahagian sahaja daripada sesuatu lot itu diambil baik?

Laws and Regulations 2004

Question 7

The State Authority has approved a proposed plan prepared by a Licensed Land Surveyor (LLS) for the submission of a lot that was affected by land acquisition for an existing highway. The plan was prepared based on the “Borang K” and Acquisition Survey Requisition Plan. The Licensed Land Surveyor has also applied for a lot number from JUPEM.

Meanwhile JUPEM has completed the land acquisition survey based on the existing highway alignment but found it not complying with the approved acquisition plan. This resulted in the surveyed area exceeding the approved area as stated in the “Borang K”

Discusss the steps that should be taken by the LLS in order to overcome the problem.

Soalan 7

Pihak Berkuasa Negeri telah meluluskan satu pelan cadangan yang disediakan oleh seorang Juruukur Tanah Berlesen (JTB) bertujuan untuk pecah sempadan satu lot yang terlibat dengan pengambilan tanah untuk lebuhraya sedia ada. Pelan tersebut disediakan berdasarkan kepada Borang K dan pelan Permohonan Ukur Pengambilan. JTB berkenaan juga telah memohon satu nombor lot daripada JUPEM.

Dalam pada itu JUPEM telah menyelesaikan ukuran pengambilan berkenaan berdasarkan jajaran lebuhraya sedia ada tetapi mendapatinya tidak menepati pelan pengambilan yang diluluskan. Ini menyebabkan keluasan ukuran melebihi keluasan yang diluluskan sepertimana yang tercatat dalam Borang K.

Bincangkan langkah-langkah yang perlu diambil oleh JTB untuk mengatasi masalah ini.

Laws and Regulations 2004

Question 6

In 1992, a Licensed Land Surveyor (LLS) was appointed to carry out a sub divisional survey of 500 housing lots. Survey fee was deposited with the Land Surveyor Board Peninsular Malaysia and lot numbers were then issued by JUPEM. The survey was carried out and subsequently completed in year 2000. In the process of preparing the Certified Plan for submission to JUPEM, the LLS realized that Surat Pekeliling KPUP Bil. 4/1996 regarding the issuing of lot numbers for public areas had been circulated some years earlier.

a) Explain the contents of Surat Pekuliling KPUP Bil 4/1996.
b) What further action should be taken by the LLS before submitting the job to JUPEM for the approval.

Soalan 6

Pada tahun 1992 seorang Juruukur Tanah Berlesen (JTB) telah dilantik untuk menjalankan ukuran pecah sempadan 500 lot perumahan. Bayaran upah ukur telah didepositkan dengan Lembaga Jurukur Tanah Semenanjung Malaysia dan selepas itu nombor lot dikeluarkan oleh JUPEM. Ukuran tersebut dijalankan dan kemudiannya siap pada tahun 2000. Semasa dalam proses menyediakan Pelan Akui untuk penyerahan kepada JUPEM, JTB berkenaan menyedari bahawa Surat Pekeliling KPUP Bil 4/1996 mengenai pengeluaran nombor lot bagi kawasan awam pernah diedarkan beberapa tahun sebelumnya.

a) Jelaskan kandungan Surat Pekeliling KPUP Bil 4/1996
b) Apakah tindakan seterusnya yang perlu diambil oleh JTB berkenaan sebelum menyerahkan kerja tersebut kepada JUPEM untuk diluluskan.

Laws and Regulations 2004

Question 5

A Licensed Land Surveyor has made submission to the Land Office to register Qualified Titles (QT) after application for land subdivision has been approved by the State Authority. Unfortunately, the Land Administration has rejected the application to register this QT.

With reference to the National Land Code 1965, discuss the possible grounds upon which the application to register the QT was rejected.

Soalan 5

Seorang Juruukur Tanah Berlesen telah membuat penyerahan kepada Pejabat Pentadbir Tanah untuk mendaftarkan Hakmilik Sementara (HS) setelah permohonan untuk pecah sempadan tanah diluluskan oleh Pihak Berkuasa Negeri. Malangnya Pentadbir Tanah telah menolak permohonan mendaftar HS berkenaan.

Dengan merujuk kepada Kanun Tanah Negara 1965, bincangkan perkara-perkara yang memungkinkan permohonan mendaftarkan HS berkenaan ditolak.

Please kindly listen to the music really relax your mind.

Laws and Regulations 2004

Question 4

Section 49 of the National Land Code (NLC) 1965 provides for the effect of advancement or retreat of sea and river on alienated land, and Section 353 of the same Act provides for the re-survey of alienated land having natural boundaries. Some have argued that both these sections may conflict with the spirit of title indefeasibility which is supposedly ensured by the NLC 1965.

Discuss the above statements

Soalan 4

Seksyen 49 Kanun Tanah Negara (KTN) 1965 menjelaskan kesan maraan atau munduran laut dan sungai terhadap tanah bermilik, dan Seksyen 353 dalam Akta yang sama menjelaskan tentang ukuran semula tanah yang mempunyai sempadan semulajadi. Ada yang berpendapat bahawa kedua-dua seksyen ini mungkin bercanggah dengan semangat hakmilik yang tidak boleh disangkal sepertimana yang dijamin oleh KTN 1965.

Bincangkan kenyataan di atas.

Listen to this classic song to relax before exam.

Laws and Regulations 2004

Question 3

A check survey by the Inspectorate Section, Cadastral Division of the Survey Department Headquarters on a job recently completed by a Licensed Land Surveyor (LLS) revealed the following discrepancies:

a) New boundary marks as described in the Field Book and shown on Certified Plan were not found on the ground;
b) A big tree was found to obstruct direct observation of a boundary line recorded in the Field book to be inter-visible; and
c) A station previously occupied for sun observations proved to be inaccessible due to the presence of an old brick wall.

Based on the above report:

1) Discuss the violations, if any, committed by the Licensed Land Surveyor.
2) Explain the legal process that would be instituted by the Land Surveyor Board Peninsular Malaysia before disciplinary action as provided for in the Licensed Land Surveyors Act 1958 (Act 458) is taken against the Licensed Land Surveyor.

Soalan 3

Satu ukuran semakan yang dijalankan oleh Seksyen Inspektorat, Bahagian Kadaster Ibu Pejabat Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan ke atas satu kerja yang baru disiapkan oleh seorang Juruukur Tanah Berlesen (JTB) mendedahkan beberapa kesilapan seperti berikut:

i) Tanda-tanda sempadan baru sepertimana yang dinyatakan dalam Buku Kerjaluar dan ditunjukkan dalam Pelan Akui telah tidak dijumpai di atas tanah.
ii) Sebatang pokok besar didapati menghalang cerapan terus garisan sempadan yang dicatatkan dalam Buku kerjaluar sebagai garisan saling nampak; dan
iii) Hentian yang pernah diduduki untuk cerapan matahari terbukti tidak boleh diduduki kerana binaan dinding batu yang lama.

Berdasarkan kepadaa laporan tersebut di atas:

a) Bincangkan kesalahan-kesalahan, jika ada, yang telah dilakukan oleh Juruukur Tanah Berlesen berkenaan.
b) Terangkan proses perundangan yang kan diambil oleh Lembaga Jurukur Tanah Semenanjung Malaysia sebelum tindakan disiplin sepertimana yang diperuntukkan dalam Akta Jurukur Tanah Berlesen 1958 (Akta 458) boleh diambil terhadap Juruukur Tanah Berlesen berkenaan.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Datum definition

This is an error in FB2F program for m-correction.

This below message stated that

Unable to apply m-corrections for the bearings that start and close on the datum line”

  1. If datum is by Sun, then you should key in and compute solar observation for the line.
  2. If the datum is from PA, then you should key in the PO bearing and distance for the line.
  3. If the datum is assumed, then you should key in and compute solar observation for any line in the loop.”

Let us see what is the defination datum in peraturan ukur 2002 under 24 (1) (b)

It mentioned that the 3 old marks can observe or compute from traverse and prove it in position. Adjacent mark is next to or close to as define by dictionary. Why computed po & new can not apply m- correction?

The meaning of adjacent definition is next to or close to.

" Are you tired of using the same old CAD library of drawings & symbols you’ve been using all these years? "

This website I found on today. I think it is very useful no only to architect but also to a surveyor.

There are 6000 CAD files symbols, drawings & template. Please kindly visit this website Click Here!

This is one of the cad building type for Cinema

Laws and Regulations 2004

Question 2

A Pre-computation Plan is defined under Section 5 of the National Land Code (NLC) 1965 (Revised 1992) as:

“ A layout plan of lots showing the intended new boundaries and areas of these lots are based on computation from existing survey data and other relevant data, where the linear misclose of the computations is not less than one part in four thousand.”

With numerous computer software available in the market, there are some with the opinion that experts in computer processing are also capable to provide and certify Pre-computation Plan apart from Licensed Land Surveyors.

Give your opinion on the statement above based on the NLC definition of Pre-computation Plan and Surat Pekeliling KPUP bil 2/1993.

Soalan 2

Takrif Pelan Pra-hitungan di bawah Seksyen 5 Kanun Tanah Negara (KTN) 1965 (Pindaan 1992) adalah:

“ suatu pelan susunatur lot-lot yang menunjukkan sempadan-sempadan baru yang dicadangkan dan kawasan-kawasan lot-lot itu yang berasaskan atas hitungan dari data ukur yang sedia ada dan data relevan yang lain, dimana tutupan hitungan linear adalah tidak kurang dari satu bahagian dalam empat ribu.”

Dengan banyaknya perisian computer yang terdapat di pasaran, ada pihak berpendapat bahawa mereka yang mahir pemprosesan computer juga berkemampuan menyediakan dan memperakui Pelan Pra-hitungan selain daripada Juruukur Tanah Berlesen.

Berikan pandangan anda mengenai kenyataan di atas berdasarkan definasi KTN 1965 (Pindaan 1992) mengenai Pelan Pra-hitungan dan Surat Pekeliling KPUP Bil. 2/1993.

Laws and Regulations 2004

Question 1

The residence association of a condominium in Kuala Lumpur has protested to the developer for imposing additional payments on their parcels because the strata title survey was carried out by including the planter’s box as part of the parcels. Strata titles for the parcels in the condominium have already been registered at the Director of Land and Mines Office.

a) Discuss with reference to the Strata Title Act 1985 and the National Land Code 1965, the grounds upon which the residents could reject the claim for the additional payments.
b) Surat Pekeliling KPUP bil 2/2003 has been circulated to explain about the position of the planter’s box in a strata parcel. Explain the contents of the circular letter.

Soalan 1

Persatuan penduduk sebuah kondominium di Kuala Lumpur telah membantah kepada pemaju yang mengenakan bayaran tambahan terhadap petak mereka disebabkan ukuran hakmilik Strata dibuat dengan memasukkan petak bunga sebagai sebahagian dari petak. Hakimilik strata bagi petak-petak dalam kondominium tersebut telah pun didaftarkan di Pejabat Pejabat Tanah dan Galian.

a) Bincangkan dengan merujuk kepada Akta Hakmilik Strata 1985 dan Kanun Tanah Negara 1965, asas yang boleh digunakan oleh pemilik untuk menolak tuntutan bayaran tambahan.
b) Surat Pekeliling KPUP Bil 2/2003 telah diedarkan bagi menjelaskan kedudukan petak bunga pada petak strata. Jelaskan kandungan surat pekeliling tersebut.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Laws and Regulations 2005

Question 9

Syarikat SBI plans to develop a piece of land as a mixed housing area consisting of the a 10-storey apartment, 2 storey bungalows and single storey terrace houses on a lot based on the gated community concept. Common areas such as internal roads, open spaces, green areas will be maintained by the owners of the properties without surrendering to the Local Authority.

If you are the Licensed Land Surveyor involved in the project, advice the company with regard to its plan, based on the existing laws and regulations and explain the actions that you would take to enable Strata Titles be issued to your client.

Soalan 9

Syarikat SBI merancang untuk memajukan satu kawasan perumahan bercampur mengandungi sebuah apartment 10 tingkat, rumah-rumah banglo 2 tingkat dan rumah-ruamh teres satu tingkat semuanya dia tas satu lot tanah berdasarkan konsep komuniti berpagar. Kawasan bersama seperti jalan dalaman, kawasan lapang dan kawasan hijau akan diuruskan sendiri oleh pihak hartatanah berkenaan tanpa kepada Pihak berkuasa Tempatan.

Seandainya anda adalah Jurukur Tanah Berlesen yang terlibat dalam projek ini, nasihatkan syarikat tersebut mengenai perancangan mereka itu berlandaskan undang-undang dan peraturan sediaada dan terangkan mengenai tindakan yang akan ambil bagi membolehkan Hakmilik Strata dikeluarkan kepada klien anda.

Laws and Regulations 2005

Question 8

After the layout plan of a land development project was approved by the Local Authority, the Developer of the project planned to submit an application to the Land Office to issue him separate titles for each lots to be created. You as the appointed Licensed Land Surveyor (LLS), whilst in the midst of preparing the pre-computational plan, discovered that a portion of the layout has encroached beyond the original lot boundaries which were still under Qualified Titles. There also exists a Malay Reserve boundary cutting across the layout area.

As the appointed LLS, please explain to the Developer the various options available in practice for submission to the Land Office, and please also advice on the best option in order that the titles for each lot to be created would be issued soonest possible.

Soalan 8

Setelah pelan susunatur satu projek pembangunan tanah diluluskan oleh Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan, Pemaju projek berkenaan merancang mengemukakan permohonan kepada Pejabat Tanah untuk dikeluarkan kepadanya hakmilik berasingan bagi setiap lot yang akan diwujudkan. Anda sebagai Juruukur Tanah Berlesen (JTB) yang dilantik, semasa menyediakan pelan hitungan awal, mendapati sebahagian daripada susunatur itu terkeluar daripada sempadan lot asal yang masih dibawah hakmilik Sementara. Terdapat pula satu garisan sempadan Rizab Melayu yang melintasi kawasan susunatur berkenaan.

Sebagai JTB yang dilantik itu, sila terangkan kepada Pemaju mengenai pelbagai pilihan untuk penyerahan kepada Pejabat Tanah yang diamalkan, dan sila beri nasihat mengenai pilihan terbaik untuk membolehkan hakmilik setiap lot yang akan diwujudkan dapat dikeluarkan secepat mungkin.

Laws and Regulations 2005

Question 7

Syarikat Perumahan XYZ has deposited with the Lembaga Jurukur Tanah Semenanjung Malaysia (LJT) survey fees for subdivision of a mixed land development project. Qualified titles for the lots were then issued by State Authority. After some time, the company has decided to cancel the original plan o build bungalow lots but to replace them with the construction of a block of condominium. Assuming that you are the appointed Licensed Land Surveyor, explain the steps that you and the company should take in dealing with the Land Office, State JUPEM and LJT if:

a) Phrase one of the surveys involving shop lots have been completed and its Certified Plan has been approved by the State JUPEM.
b) The field work of some lots has just been completed whilst the rest has not yet begun.

Soalan 7

Syarikat Perumahan XYZ telah mendepositkan dengan Lembaga Jurukur Tanah Semenanjung Malaysia (LJT) upah ukur untuk pecah sempadan bagi satu projek pembangunan tanah bercampur. Hakmilik Sementara kemudiannya dikeluarkan oleh Pihak Berkuasa Negeri bagi setiap lot berkenaan. Selang beberapa waktu syarikat tersebut membuat keputusan membatalkan cadangan asal membina rumah-rumah bangalo tetapi digantikan dengan pembinaan blok kondominium. Seandainya anda adalah Jurukur Tanah Berlesen yang dilantik, terangkan langkah-langkah yang anda dan syarikat berkenaan perlu ambil dalam berurusan dengan Pejabat Tanah, JUPEM Negeri dan LJT sekiranya:

a) Fasa pertama pengukuran yang melibatkan lot rumah-rumah kedai telah disiapkan dan Pelan Akui berkenaan pun telah diluluskan oleh JUPEM Negeri.
b) Kerja padang bagi sebahagian lot baru sahaja disiapkan dan sebahagian yang lainnya belum lagi dimulakan.

Laws and Regulations 2005

Question 6

Emplacement of a certificate on a Certified Plan was provided for in Regulation 97 and 98, Licensed Land Surveyors Regulations 1959 and Surat Pekeliling Ketua Pengarah Ukur dan Pemetaan Bil 2/1974. The certificate was a declaration by the Licensed Land Surveyor (LLS) undertaking full responsibility over the survey carried out and plan drawn. Subsequently, Pekeliling Ketua Pengarah Ukur dan Pemetaan Bil 4/2002 has introduced a new form of certification to be employed by all LLS.

With reference to the circulars, discuss the types and the need to introduce new forms of certificates.

Soalan 6

Perletakan satu sijil perakuan di atas Pelan Akui telah diperuntukan dalam Peraturan 97 dan 98, Peraturan Jurukur Tanah Berlesen 1959 dan Surat Pekeliling Ketua Pengarah Ukur dan Pemetaan Bil 2/1974. Sijil perakuan tersebut merupakan kenyataan tanggungjawab sepenuhnya oleh Juruukur Tanah Berlesen (JTB) terhadap pengukuran yang dijalankan serta pelan yang dihasilkan. Lanjutan daripada itu, Pekeliling Ketua Pengarah Ukur dan Pemetaan Bil. 4/2002 telah memperkenalkan sijil perakuan bentuk baru yang perlu diterimapakai oleh semua JTB.

Dengan merujuk kepada kedua-dua pekeliling berkenaan, bincangkan jenis-jenis dan keperluan mewujudkan sijil perakuan bentuk baru tersebut.

Laws and Regulations 2005

Question 5

Rapid growth of development and increasing population has resulted in scarcity of land. Man has resorted to seashores and oceans as alternatives. These exploits have increased the role and importance of the land surveying profession.

a) Explain clearly the meaning of the term marine cadastre.
b) In your opinion, is the existing National Land Code 1965 capable of handling marine parcels?

Soalan 5

Pembangunan yang pesat dan jumlah penduduk yang senantiasa meningkat telah mengakibatkan tanah semakin berkurangan. Manusia kini mula menerokai pesisir pantai dan lautan sebagai langkah alternatif. Penerokaan ini telah meningkatkan kepentingan serta peranaan profesion ukur tanah.

a) Terangkan dengan jelas apa yang dimaksudkan dengan istilah marine cadastre.
b) Pada pandangan anda, adakah Kanun Tanah Negara 1965 yang sedia ada ini mampu mengendalikan marine parcels?

Laws and Regulations 2005

Question 4

i) A block of low cost flats was built on State Land and completed in the year 1972. It was completely sold by Government agency. Application to subdivide the building could not be made because the approved building plan has been lost and the flats were still sitting Government Land.

Explain the ways in which strata titles to the flats could be issued under Strata Title Act 1985

ii) Explain the procedures according to the Pekeliling Ketua Pengarah Ukur dan Pemetaan Bil 4/2004 to issue strata titles to a Blok Sementara which has been completely built.

Soalan 4

i) Satu blok rumah pangsa kos rendah telah siap dibina di atas Tanah Kerajaan pada tahun 1972 dan habis dijual oleh sebuah agensi kerajaan. Permohonan untuk memecah bahagi bangunan tersebut tidak dapat dibuat kerana pelan bangunan berkenaan yang diluluskan telah hilang dan rumah pangsa ini masih berada di atas Tanah Kerajaan.

Terangkan bagaimana caranya hakmilik strata rumah pangsa berkenaan boleh dikeluarkan mengikut Akta hakimilik Strata 1985.

ii) Terangkan prosidur mengikut Pekeliling Ketua Pengarah Ukur dan Pemetaan Bil 4/2004 untuk mengeluarkan hakmilik strata bagi Blok Sementara yang telah siap pembinaannya.

Laws and Regulations 2005

Question 3

The rapid pace of land development from year to year, has directly increased the number of title surveys carried out by Licensed Land Surveyors. In order to ensure that State JUPEM could speed up checking and approval processes, Pekeliling Ketua pengarah Ukur dan Pemetaan Bil 1/2001 was issued.

a) Discuss the message and gist of the circular
b) What was meant in circular by the term semakan awal and semakan lanjut?

Soalan 3

Kepesatan pembangunan tanah dari tahun ke tahun telah secara langsung meningkatkan jumlah ukuran hakmilik yang dilaksanakan oleh Juruukur Tanah Berlesen. Untuk memastikan JUPEM Negeri dapat mempercepatkan proses semakan dan kelulusan, Pekeling Ketua Pengarah Ukur dan Pemetaan Bil 1/2001 telah dikeluarkan.

a) Bincangkan mesej dan intipati pekeliling tersebut.
b) Apakah yang dimaksudkan dalam pekeliling tersebut dengan istilah semakan awal dan semakan lanjut?

Laws & Regulations 2005

Question 2

i) To become a Licensed Land Surveyor a person has to be registered with the Land Surveyor Board Peninsular Malaysia. Explain the conditions which have to be fulfilled by the person as provided for in the Licensed Land Surveyors Act 1958 (Act 458)

ii) Explain the provisions in the Licensed Land Surveyors Act 1958 (Act 458) with the purpose of preventing title surveys being carried out by un-authority persons.

Soalan 2

i) Untuk menjadi seorang Juruukur Tanah Berlesen seseorang itu perlu berdaftar dengan Lembaga Jurukur Tanah Semenanjung Malaysia. Terangkan syarat-syarat yang perlu dipenuhi oleh seseorang itu sepertimana yang diperuntukan dalam Akta Jurukur Tanah Berlesen 1958 (Akta 458)
ii) Terangkan mengenai peruntukan dalam Akta Jurukur Tanah Berlesen 1958 (Akta 458) dan Kanun Tanah Negara 1965 yang bertujuan menghalang ukuran hakmilik dijalankan oleh mereka yang tidak bertauliah.

Laws and Regulations 2005

Question 1

There are provisions in the National Land Code 1965 and Licensed Land Surveyors Regulations 1959 for the purpose of handling issues pertaining to Licensed Land Surveyor failing to complete survey jobs entrusted to them within the specified time frame.

Clearly explain the provisions and discuss the effectiveness of the provisions with regard to practice and enforcement.

Soalan 1

Terdapat peruntukan dalam Kanun Tanah Negara 1965 dan Peruntukan Jurukur Tanah Berlesen 1959 yang bertujuan menangani isu Juruukur Tanah berlesen gagal menyiapkan kerja ukur yang diamanahkan dalam tempoh waktu yang ditetapkan.

Terangkan dengan jelas mengenai peruntukan-peruntukan ini dan bincangkan keberkesanannya dari segi amalan dan penguatkuasaan.

Sub-division of Lands (Pecah Sempadan Tanah) and Partition of Lands (Pecah Bahagian Tanah)

This was the question posted to me on last week by Tan and Ong. What is the difference between Sub-division of Lands (Pecah Sempadan Tanah) & Partition of Lands (Pecah Bahagian Tanah).

1) Section in National Land Code
a. Sub-division of Lands is in section 135-139 National Land Code 1965.
b. Partition of Land is in section 140-145 National Land Code 1965.

2) Defination in English & Bahasa
a. Sub-division of land – “The proprietor of any alienated land held under Register or Land Office title or qualified title in continuation of final title may, with the approval under this chapter of the State Director of Land Administrator, as provided by sub-section (2), sub-divide the land into two or more portions to be held by him under separate titles.” Further explaination please refer to section 135 National Land Code.

i. Pecah sempadan tanah adalah bermaksud bahawa tanah yang dipegang di bawah hakmilik tetap, sama ada hakmilik Pejabat Pendaftar atau hakmilik Pejabata Tanah, dipecah sempadan kepada 2 bahagian atau lebih, tiap-tiap satunya untuk dipegang oleh tuanpunya yang sama atau oleh tuan punya tuan punya bersama yang sama di bawah hakmilik yang berasingan.

b. Partition of Land- “ Any alienated land which is held under Registry or Land Office title or qualified title in continuation of final title by two or more persons as co-proprientors may, by agreement between those persons and with the approval under this chapter of the State Director or Land Administrator, as provided by subsection (2), be partitioned”, Please kindly refer further explanation in section 140 National Land Code 1965.

i. Pecah bahagian Tanah bermaksud bahawa tanah yang dipegang di bawah hak milik Pejabat Pendaftar atau hakmilik Pejabat Tanah, oleh dua orang atau lebih sebagai tuanpunya bersama adalah dipecahkan supaya (syer) meletak hak pada tiap-tiap orang seorang dari mereka itu di bawah satu hakmilik berasingan.
ii. Apabila didaftarkan hakmilik sementara bagi tiap-tiap bahagian atau apabila didaftarkan hakmilik-hakmilik tetap bagi bahagian tanah itu (jika hakmilik sementara tidak dipohon), hakmilik yang sedia ada adalah terhenti dari berkuatkuasa.

3) Form to be used
a. Sub-division of Lands is using Form 9A
b. Partition of Land is using Form 9B.

I think most of the students still can not understand the meaning of Sub-division of Lands (Pecah Sempadan Tanah) & Partition of Lands (Pecah Bahagian Tanah), including me when I was a student.

Let me tell you all how to differential these two surveys.

Partition of land

One divorce couple come to you and wants to split their land into 2. Then you should use partition of land for this case. Please do not wrongly use form 9A then you will be in trouble because this divorce couple name will share same title even split into 2.

Sub-division of land

This survey normally applies if you have huge acreages of land want to sell in small pieces such as 1 acre. You can easily sell the land and the price also will be in high margin compare with big acreages. You need to do is just transfer the title name to the buyer name without much trouble. It is straight forward trading.

From the past experience, I can see that those days’ people like to share to buy a piece of land and subsequently they will end out with difficulty to get their own title. They want to sell also difficult and normally the price also discounted.