Sunday, January 16, 2011

Northing Easting conversion to Geographic coordinate WGS84

One of my clients requested me to transform 3 coordinates at offshore platform by giving me northing and easting data. I really don't how to convert it and refer to my GURU. For this offshore conversion, experience surveyor will immediately mention UTM projection. What is UTM projection? the Traverse Mercator Projection is widely used in national and international mapping. Please kindly refer to for information regarding this projection.

After that we need to know the rough location because we need to set the zone when convert the coordinate.

Geodetic Datum Transformation system (GDTS) has the ability to convert above data.

The conversion is under Universal Transverse Mercator Projection. Then select the Pre-defined ellipsoid and our case is in WGS84. After that, we need to select zone and this is why the rough location is important. The UTM grid zone of the world available at

The format file as above and save in csv (excel format)

This is the output for the northing & easting conversion in geographic coordinate WGS84. Please bear in mind that, we need to select the option of conversion either UTM to Geographical or else. If no...sorry. No output in the file.

If you have a few data and the conversion able to do it at above website. RCN (Reseach coordinate Network) does a good application and the result similar with GDTS. The link is

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